End user: Touro Board of Education 
Market: Education          
Location: Middle Town, NY 
AV Designer: Avteg
AV System Integrator: AV Services 
Solution: 9 units of PRV60MPDP
Touro College is a sponsored independent institution of higher and professional education, in New York City, New York, United States. Touro College was established in 1970  to focus on higher education for the Jewish community, but have grown to serve a widely diverse population of over 18,000 students across 29 schools in 4 countries. They are uniquely attuned to the importance of an education that accommodates students from all backgrounds and circumstances.
9 units of PRV60MPDP were installed to create a 3x3 videowall for an auditorium for classes in their Middletown Campus. Professors will be able to teach Touro students in a more efficient way with clear and vivid picture. 
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