Market: Education
Location: Tuscaloosa, AL 
AV Integrator: AVISPL Georgia
AV Design Consultant: Davis Architects of Birmingham
Solution: PRV70WRCHDBT + PRV Smart Mounts
University of Alabama prides itself on excellence by providing a creative, nurturing campus environment where students can become the best individuals possible. As such, the Athletics department offers a wide range of sports- from football, to gymnastics, to basketball, to baseball, to rowing, cross-country, golf, soccer, softball, swimming/diving, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. The University of Alabama can boast 22 team NCAA Championships and countless more conference championships and individual achievements.
The board of trustees approved renovations and expansion of the sports facilities and approved Davis Architects of Birmingham to design the project. The expansion included many areas of the large facilities such as the weight room. In effort to provide a top-notch environment, the design team had a complex vision of incorporation single portrait monitors throughout the weight room. The challenge was having several long cables for integration. The solution was Primeview 70 inch displays with embedded HDBaseT technology. Although it was higher in costs, in the long run this significantly reduced the complexities because the installers only needed to spend time running one standard CAT cable. 
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