Solution: PRV60MPDP & PRV Smartmounts
Market: Corporate 
Location: Chicago, IL 
AV Integrator: AVISPL
AV Design Consultant: Shen Milson & Wilke
Hub Group's Chicago Offices Features New Welcoming Lobby with an Engaging and Dynamic Video Wall. Hub Group is a leading $2.8 billion publicly traded 41 years old Transportation Management Company that provides comprehensive intermodal, highway and logistics services. With such a large infrastructure and offices globally, Hub Group truly understands the importance of communication. In the design intent of this project, globally recognized AV consultant SHEN (Shen Milsom & Wilke) & the integration team at AVISPL relied on Primeview's seamless plasma video wall solution (Displays with PRV Smart Mounts) to help create the right atmosphere for employees and guests by improving the ambiance of the lobby area and introduce a dynamic platform for sure corporate communications. 
The Primeview SEAMLESS Plasma video wall solution has gone beyond achieving these goals by providing a much more engaging and practical communications tool than anyone had anticipated. The wall provides that huge wow factor, especially when first-time visitors walk in. They're just not expecting to see something like this in windy Chicago, from an organization focused on logistics.
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