Market: Digital Signage                           
Location: Downtown SOHO, NY
AV Integrator: MetroClick           
Solution: 3x3 Portrait PRV55SNG01UR 4K Processing Video Wall + PRV Smart Mounts 
With our partners at MetroClick, who bring life to your marketing mix through interactivity, personalization, and unique installations, we have
created a site that will lure New Yorkers into a new condominium/ apartment sales office in Downtown Manhattan (SOHO). Pursuing the highest standards of excellence, together with integrators.
Utilizing Primeview’s SEAMLESS 4k displays in portrait orientation, the AV integration team MetroClick o deployed a solution that allows their marketing team to effectively communicate to their visitors/potential clients their space’s pure beauty and modern feel. The 4k videowalls beauty, size, and unprecedented image quality draw people into the space itself, and are situated right outside the building to be easily seen.  
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