• WDSU New Orleans
  • WDSU New Orleans
  • WDSU New Orleans
  • WDSU New Orleans

WDSU New Orleans

Market: Broadcast            

Studio: WDSU

Station Group: Hearst

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Solution: 3x3 arrays of PRV55SNG01UR-SDI

WDSU, Hearst Television’s NBC affiliate in New Orleans, has officially debuted its new home.

Collaborating with the creative, news and engineering teams at WDSU resulted in a high tech set that incorporates nods to “gritty mystical soul” of the city.  The studio’s anchor desk references to the soul start at the set’s centerpiece.

The desk and its curved LED panel is configured in a crescent shape — a nod to the city’s location on a bend of the Mississippi River and the origin of one of its many nicknames, the Crescent City. 

Behind the anchor desk are nine vertically mounted panels that form a “storytelling array” that can be used to display stylized cityscape graphics as well as topical and branded imagery from Primeview.

Adapted from Newscast Studio

Click here to view time-lapse
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